Pelganta Antonio snc, since 1940, is known for quarry prestige and quality production.

Over the years, the company kept constant the quality of craftsmanship that always characterized the activities.

The Company is specialized in extraction and sawing of ornamental stones such as white gneissgolden white gneissgneiss gray / stripedGHIANDONATA gneiss, antigorio serizzo and formazza.

The final use is for interior and exterior coatings, interior floors, stairs, kitchen and bathroom floors, external floors, ceilings, pillars, wall stones, stone view, ornamental stones for gardens, street furniture and funerary art.

Production is marketed raw, polished and brushed surface.



The company has quarry owned.
This is the Restellina Cava, a typical quarry of gneiss, located in the municipality of Beura Cardezza.
The extracted product, from the same quarry, are:

White gneiss
Grigina gneiss
Ghiandonata gneiss
Streaky gneiss


White Gneiss

Grey Gneiss

Ghiandonata Gneiss